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    The Office of the Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney announced that Shannon Beam, 33, Rolla, has been sentenced to the Missouri Department of Corrections. Beam had been on probation for financial exploitation of the elderly and had an 18 year sentence already pronounced at the time of the sentencing back in July of 2014. At that time Mr. Beam’s attorney asked for the Court to allow him to complete a year-long drug treatment program in DOC, which the Court agreed to with the State’s consent. Mr. Beam was released from the treatment program one year later and was placed on a term of probation.

    In January, 2016, the Prosecutor’s Office filed a motion to revoke alleging that Beam had violated probation by committing a new burglary and stealing in Maries County and also that Beam had used heroin. After a hearing that lasted an hour and a half, Judge John D. Wiggins ruled that the defendant had violated his probation by drug use and committing those new offenses. Wiggins revoked Beam’s probation, and ordered the 18 year sentence to be executed. The original case was prosecuted by Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney Brendon Fox, and the revocation proceeding was prosecuted by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brad Neckermann.

    “We originally gave Mr. Beam an opportunity at treatment, with the additional hope that through probation he could pay back the $19,000 in restitution he scammed from senior citizens in this county,” Fox stated. “Obviously the treatment didn’t have the desired effect because after being released Mr. Beam continued using drugs and victimizing people in our area. I am grateful to Judge Wiggins for sending this life-long criminal to prison.”

    According to Neckermann, Beam has a criminal history dating back over fifteen years. “His file shows over 50 arrests and multiple trips to D.O.C. I sincerely hope he uses his time in prison to think about the choices he’s made in his life and that he changes his ways after he is released. For now, though, our community is much safer with Mr. Beam behind bars.” It is estimated Beam will be eligible for parole in 8-12 years, although that could be extended depending on what is done on pending charges Mr. Beam is facing in other counties.

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