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    On Wednesday,July 19, 2017, a Pulaski County jury deliberated for about 40 minutes before returing guilty verdicts on all five counts against Lawrence Mullen, 47, of Rolla.  The case was presided over by the Honorable William E. Hickle.  The case was prosecuted by Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney, Brendon Fox and Assistant Prosecutor, Kara Breshears.  The case was heard in Waynesville after the defendant exercised his right to a change of venue.

    On May 4, 2016, Detective Hank Harper of the Rolla Police Department began investigating allegations of sexual abuse involving Mullen and a five year old child.  The child was interviewed twice by forensic interviewer Moriah Joplin of the Ozark Family Resource Agency – Child Advocacy Center.  There the child disclosed specific sexual acts and photgraphs taken by “Larry.”  Based on these disclosures, Detective Harper executed a search warrant at Mullen’s residence and seized several electronic devices including Mullen’s laptop and camera.  The items were sent to Special Investigator Wayne Becker of the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce located in Salem, MO.  Becker conducted a forensic examination where he located more than 200 images of child pornography on Mullen’s laptop and several photos on Mullen’s camera’s SD cards showing sexual abuse of the five year old victim.

    Det. Harper interviewed Mullen twice regarding the allegations and Mullen admitted that there was child pornography on his laptop, though he said he didn’t know how it got there.  Mullen also admitted to taking the photographs depicting the sexual abuse of the child victim, but said he was not a pedophile.

    The jury found Mullen guilty on all five charges, which included two counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree, as well one count each of sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, and promoting a sexual performance by a child.

    “Everyone involved with the investigating of this case did a phenomenal job.  My thanks to all of them in helping convict a very dangerous child predator,” said Fox.  “This was Ms. Breshears’ first time working on a case of this magnitude, and she did an exceptional job.  She is an asset to the office.”

    Mullen remains incarcerated while he awaits sentencing in Phelps County on September 7, 2017 at 9:00 A.M.  He faces up to 112 years in prison for his crimes.




    On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 a Phelps County Jury deliberated about 25 minutes before finding Justin Kirby, 35, of Rolla, guilty of possessing marijuana in the Phelps County Jail.  The case was presided over by the Honorable William E. Hickle.  The case was prosecuted by Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Nicholas Chlysta.

    On February 15, 2016, Patrol Officer Thomas Grisham of the Rolla Police Department stopped Kirby for failing to register his motor vehicle.  Kirby was placed under arrest and searched by Grisham before being taken to the Phelps County Jail.  Enroute, Grisham advised Kirby if he had any contraband on him that was missed in the search he would receive elevated charges unless he voluntarily handed it over.  During the booking process at the jail, Grisham observed Kirby hide a plastic bag in his mouth and attempt to chew it up and swallow.  Being unable to do so he spit it out and Grisham identified the contents as marijuana.

    “PTO Grisham did a good job and treated Mr. Kirby with respect throughout the encounter.  I realize some people are changing their views on marijuana, but we prosecute the laws of the State of Missouri.  If a person wants a jury trial, the Constitution says they are entitled to one.  Mr. Chlysta did a good job today,” said Fox.

    Kirby is set for sentencing on September 7, 2017.


    Posted Jul 7 2017 by with Comments Off on ASHLEY BUNTON GUILTY OF POSSESSING MARIJUANA IN JAIL

    On Wednesday, a Phelps County Jury deliberated about 20 minutes before finding Ashley Bunton, 28, of Rolla, guilty of possessing marijuana in the Phelps County Jail. The case was presided over by the Honorable John D. Beger. The case was prosecuted by Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney, Brendon Fox.

    On July 21, 2016, Deputy Alex Maurer of the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department went to an address on Private Drive 7085 to serve an arrest warrant on Ashley Bunton. Upon arrival he located Ms. Bunton and Eddie Harris seated in her vehicle preparing to smoke marijuana. After being arrested and taken to jail, Harris passed Bunton marijuana in the booking room of the Phelps County Jail in hopes she would hide it for him. Corporal Marvin Jackson saw the exchange and seized the marijuana before turning it over to Sergeant Joe Taylor.

    “I want to applaud the work and professionalism of Deputy Maurer and Jailers Jackson and Taylor. It is important that our jail remains secure for the safety of the inmates and workers. Contraband being smuggled in to jail puts everyone at risk,” said Fox.

    Co-defendant Harris is currently serving time in the Department of Corrections for his part in the case. Bunton is set for sentencing which will be held on September 18, 2017.